12/19/2010 Flatwoods Ride

Here is how I'm summing up the ride  - It was a cold, damp and wet ride today.  Forty two miles of wetness!We started the ride at our normal time of 8:00 am.  Ride temp was about 55 degrees, which under normal circumstances is really not that bad.  However, it was cold and misting, almost to the point of a very light rain.  Honestly, kind of felt like I was in Seattle again.  So we complained a bit but went ahead and started our ride with the hope it should start to burn away and clear up at around 8:30.  Not a chance!  It  just would not stop.

But hey, we had fun anyway.  I ran away with a second and first place sprint finish and a second place finish for the overall ride.  Not bad!

Here are some picks before we headed out:

Phil's Cervelo - He wore the Green jersey today and honored it well!

Sandy getting excited about dishing out some pain!

Phil & Nate contemplating their plan against me!

Shana, fraternizing with the ride enemy.  O' and my steed.  The Merlin Extra Lite and Shana's Orbea!

Here it is.  The "Pain Train"


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