2011 Tavares Drgaon Boat Races 4-9-2011

Cool bird singing in the early morning!

Early morning Tavares the site of the 2011 Dragon Boat races (Central Florida Dragon Boat Festival) at Wooton Park.  TECO Tan Anou would be defending their first place finish from 2010.  This year the competition would prove to be formidable.  The usual appearances by; Dragon Slayers, Red Dragons and Blade Runners and of course TECO Black and Red.  As a matter of fact that would end up being the class A division finale and yours truly TECO Red won overall.  Dragon Slayers came in tied with TECO Black. They really looked good this year (they always are very competitive).

Below is our tent.  this year is was really cramped in there.  They had over 40 of us packed in and it was just not going to work.  We had to divide up and find some other shade locations to park our weary bodies.  This year the tent planning was not so great.

This is the "grand" tent were all the ceremonies and shows take place. 

This is a cool Irish bar just across form the venue site.

If you get a little hungry you can always grab a sank or lunch at the vendor area. There is not a huge selection but the choices will agree with 80% - 90% of folks so, if you are a picky eater you should be able to find something.

The lake also acts as a water airport.  Really cool.  However, due to the planes landing and taxing near the race course it tended to delay the even at times.  Not that bad but of course boater safety is in mind here.  You don't want heads flying, literally!

It's quiet right now but in a couple of hours it will be bustling with paddlers!  This is the loading docks.

Shana did great in stroke position.  Here she is calm as as the morning lake.

Another pic of the loading docks.

This is the promenade looking toward athletes village: