Social Hour: Bar Louie Internaltional Plaza: 4-15-2011

Sob with us about paying the tax man (US government wasting our money away - Wesley Snipes is not crazy, we are).

Well, it had been awhile since we blew off some steam so I thought I would plan a little social hour for everyone to get together and catch up on life and share some useless information.  Getting people together in a social setting is like trying to a bunch of fiddler crabs (I've actually tried this at the beach - it is not easy if not impossible!)  So you can imagine the challenge!  If you invite 50 people, 15 actually show up!

It was a decent showing considering most people had other obligations and could not make it out today.  Maybe next time!

Bar Louie is a really nice place to have a social hour at because the bar is non-smoking.  They also have great drink specials and select apps are 1/2 off.  So for the cost conscious, it makes for a reasonable outing.


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