11-13-2011 Lazy Sunday Downtown Tamp - Beautiful Weather

The weather was so absolutely beautiful this Sunday Shana and I just had to leave the confines of these four walls we affectionately call our home and head out to enjoy the sun filled sky that did not have a trace of clouds anywhere to be seen.

Here is evidence of only blue skies as far as the eye can see.  If you look closely, you might be able to spot the marque on the TECO building in the center.  You just can't beat Curtis Hixon park for a nice leisure stroll along the Hillsborough River.  Pretty soon the temps will be turning a bit cooler .  Again, that is most certainly  a relative term.  Folks up North will scoff at our winters.

The photo perspective is pretty interesting on this shot.  All photos were taken with my Samsung  Galaxy S Vibrant (5mp camera)

So Shana and I strolled enjoying the many interesting sights to gaze upon.  The "Occupy" Tampa unemployed were out that day.  I say unemployed because I do not know how a person would be able to hold a job when their entire day is spent in the park "occupying"?  Well for Shana and I It lead to a brief moment of watching the occupiers playing kick ball.  I wonder if they might be able to parlay that into employment?


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