The Much Anticipated Wedding of 11-11-11

Felix and Yi-Hwa are now joined in union together.  The venue was the Florida Aquarium.  Mermaids, penguins, sharks, turtles, Polynesian dancers a five piece band; what more could ask for.  Fun, fun, fun!  The layout was well thought of with one significant exception; the fact that about 10 tables had to be placed on the second floor.  Which is an inherent problem in the design, unfortunately it takes away from the cohesiveness of the wedding atmosphere.  Now Shana and I were on the first floor but for those guests on the second floor they most certainly had to feel a bit detached from the celebration.
Despite all this everybody seemed to really enjoy the event.  The food was good and so was the company.  I wish I could have gotten more photos of the groom and bride.  However, my phone for some reason started acting up and the camera app would not let me take any photos.
The looked absolutely beautiful in her traditional strapless wedding dress with an off ivory color.  Let’s talk about the groom.   Flashy as ever, wearing a deep steel blue velvet jacket.  Only to later change into a garnet velvet jacket.  Like I said, flashy.  O’ and my bride.  What can I say – classy, sexy beautiful!

At the rehearsal dinner, the bride to be Yi-Hwa

Ahh, the sexiest girl at wedding, my bride.

Darn naughty girls at the rehersal dinner.


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