Golite Jam simple pack modification

Rear of pack with bladder hose ports visible

So my plan is to attach a Mountain Laurel Design (MLD) universal pack lid with minimum alterations to the Jam pack.   I emailed  Ron Bell from MLD, to inquire what he thought would be the best way to modify the pack.  He suggested to open the seem on both sides of the pack and sew a 3mm shock cord loop about 1 inch below the bladder tube port opening.  That seemed a bit daunting too tackle (I do not even own a sewing machine). I had asked  Ron if he would be willing to perform the modifications but he declined stating that it would be cost prohibitive.

Here is where I figured I could attach a 4.5/5mm grommet to the pack and then just mimic the same procedure  as the shock cord tie in on the front of the pack .

So I went out and bought a grommet kit from Seattle Fabrics that included all the necessary tools to hole punch and set the grommet.  As of today it has not arrived.  It should be here by Friday.

The above photo depicts the shock cord and the same attachment system that I will be placing on the rear of the pack.  The hook system you see on the pack is the same that is on the pack lid.   I hope to achieve the same grommet and loop accessory on the rear of the pack right on the grey bladder port opening.

The is a much better pic showing how the shock cord exists the grommet.

Here the MLD pack lid laying on the Jam.


  1. I love pack modification posts. Thanks for sharing, Ric. I chopped the hell out of my Jam and have been meaning to write it up but alas have not done so...

    1. Thanks Sam, I've been waiting to do the modification for a while. I just got the kit yesterday so I/m getting ready to set the grommets. I’ve also been wanting to add some materiel to the front pocket (basically gusset the pocket) to add some space. That front pocket becomes awful tight when the pack reaches about 80%/90% volume. I’ll need to get a sewing machine first.

      Looking forward to seeing your Jam modification pics


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