Andrew Skurka Tampa Bay Visit March 14th and 15th - "It's all about the movement"

Bill Jackson's served as the venue for Andrew Skurka's  Florida tour stop.  This would be his only venue in the state of Florida.  The presentations were excellent!  Very informative and interesting.  Unfortunately, the turnout was a sub par and a bit disappointing. I believe Bill Jackson's staff may not have exactly known how to properly  market the event to a target audience.

Since I encouraged him to add Tampa as a stop, I definitively felt discouraged with the crowd showing, since I previously convinced him that  Bill Jackson's would be worthy of a tour stop.  I might have missed the mark on that.   I must say Andrew dealt with the situation pretty well, he has a very positive attitude.  Then again he has dealt with Alaska mosquitoes, so I guess this was not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

I think Bill Jackson's may want to get a bit more in  touch with the community.  They did absolutely no and I mean no community marketing for this event.  My thought's are they seemed  lackadaisical and nonchalant about the whole thing.  I mean, really when do you get a chance for a legend in the making to stop off in your store and give a slide show presentation on his most recent 4700 mile epic Alaska Yukon trip and back that up with a gear clinic?  Bill Jackson's missed the mark, no wait, they missed the entire target.

Enough ranting.  Why, because Shana and I got to meet and hang with Andrew Skurka, a rewarding experience!

                                                      A little pre set-up going on here.

                                         Andrew chatting it up before the presentation begins

The Scouts ate it up!!

Behind Andrew you can see the pack raft used in the Alaska Yukon Expedition

Gear set up Andrew discussed in conjunction with his book, "The Ultimate Hiker's Gearguide"

Andrew's book.  If you want a no frills gear guide, this is really where it's at!  You are going to want to pick this one up!

This makes the whole trip worth while!!!