Italian Wine Festival at the Italian Club in Ybor

This is were it all started at the Italian Club located on 7th Avenue in Ybor City (Tampa).  The venue itself is very intriguing especially when you consider the history behind it.  It's not just an architectural monument but it also served as the center for the Italian/Sicilian communities when Ybor was it's own incorporated City.  If only the hollows of the building could tell us the stories of the past.  The second and third floors served as the backdrop for the wine tasting and Carrabba's took care of the food angle.  At $50,00 a ticket it really was not that expensive when you factor in the entire experience.
Rob, Liz and Felix would serve as members of the entourage.  Liz is just so excited about drinking that wine.  Look and her face beaming with anticipation of the next glass!

Felix...Up to his antics but he is not fooling Shana, no way!

One of our friends and also a wine distributor rep, Sunny.  He gave the VIP insider information on what wines we might like.  That guy is a self taught wine connoisseur.

The crowd is building.

I forgot to add that they also run a auction with the proceeds going to charity.  they actually quite a few good deals and there is a good chance that you may come away with an item or event at a pretty reasonable price.
Did I say that they also have live music playing.  Well they certainly do.  If you want to catch up on all your traditional Italian folk songs than this really will be a treat for you.

What would an Italian wine tasting be without the sin...
Why - because I bid on it and actually won it.  Really, are you kidding me!  It was a chore getting it to the car!
Looking down on 7th avenue and Carmines.


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