Rocky Point Dragon Boat Festival

Moderate overcast skies and choppy waters greeted us this morning for the first annual Rocky Point Dragon Boat Festival.  The race logistics were pretty fair and I believe Pan Am did a pretty fine job running the race  with the number of staff.

I guess you could call this athletes village.  We were not allowed to "stake" any tents down so all of them had to be portable.  No problem, usually out Team (TECO Tan Anu) is pretty resourceful.  We had two tents a a really nice shaded tree that worked out well for us.

This is looking west from toward Courtney Campbell Causeway.  It was aout 8:45 when this photo was taken and the waters were just starting to get a bit choppy.

This is looking east.  I captured the docks where we loaded and unloaded from the dragon boats.  It was pretty tight fit and only one boat could be loaded at a time for safety reasons.

There ws a pretty nice viewing area where we had a great vantage point of the race.

Preliminary warm up before race time.

Nate and Shana