UPCOMING: Rocky Point Dragon Boat Festival 3/24/2012

Here is some info:

"The Rocky Point Dragon Boat Festival will be the season opener for the Southeastern Region!  This event will take place at the Chase Suites at Rocky Point (3075 N rocky Point Drive E) from 9 am - 3 pm.
Teams will compete on a 300m course, and will be given the opportunity to also compete in a 2,000m race at the end of the day.  
Corporate, club and community teams alike are encouraged to participate.  The Corporate Challenge teams will be raising money for charity, more details to be announce in the new year.  Club and community teams are encouraged to participate in the fundraising as well, however it is not required."

I have never raced for this event sponser (usually it's the Great White North), so I am hoping the event organizers have the logistics down. 

Here is a useful link : Pan Am Info