3-31-12: Cigar City Brewing Criterium & Street Festival - Downtown Tampa

Downtown Tampa's streets would serve as the backdrop to some exciting racing along a fantastic food filled event showcase.  For some riders the race course would serve as a reminder that flying down narrow streets is the perfect recipe for disaster and there were several wrecks.  Some sent chills down my spine. Why the race course organizers would ever allow Polk street to be part of the course just baffles my mind.  But possibly in their defense there may have just been no alternative.  But really, railroad tracks!  I mean come on!

Anxiously awaiting the start.

This location served as a major point where we saw plenty of crashes.  Yes those are actually railroad tracks you are seeing.  The poor cyclist unfortunately took the corner too wide and got his wheel into the rut of the tracks and then it was all over.  You can't see it but his fork was completely snapped off at the steer-er tube.

That white barrier served as a real hazard throughout the entire event.  Yes it was a good idea but not well thought out on the design.

To add more hazards, it rained.  Although, I thought the white markings would prove to be a real hazard they were not.

I was salivating over this portable tool set!

I wanted to sell this image on eBay.  It's the the USA and Florida

An entire leg of the course contained "cobbles" - just like Europe!

They were also doing exhibitions of Bike polo and Roller Derby.  Every year this event just keeps on getting better.


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