Schnitzelhaus a Famed Tampa German Restaurant Set to Close it's Doors

It's going to be a sad day in Tampa on May 13th (Mother's Day) as this will be last day the Schnitzelhaus serves up it's authentic German fanfare to patrons.  For the last 17 years it's been the only German restaurant in Tampa.  Shana and I have been going for about once a year for the last eight years and it truly will be disappointing to see a unique non-franchise style  restaurant closing its doors and having the final curtain call.  We spoke to the owner last week while enjoying veal schnitzel with spaten (ummm!) - his restaurant has been struggling for the last six years and at 62 years old he is ready to call it quits.  In his own words, " I should be retiring now not working to survive".  So it ends on Mother's day.  The ironic part is since announcing the closing, business has been absolutely bustling since the announcement.

Alright, the decorations are a bit cheesy and so are the chief's jokes but you don't come to the Schnitzelhaus for wall decorations you come for the authentic German food.

That's one big stein!

The walls are litered with decorations, picutres and posters of  Germany.


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