Colorado and So Much More!

Shana had a conference in Downtown Denver so I decided to tag along and really see the Denver area.  Our objective was also to catch some of the other cities/towns in Colorado, because you never know we might just wind up there.  Denver was our first stop followed by Boulder, Golden, Morrison (Red Rock), Longmont, Fort Collins and Greeley.

What better place to start then  a money grab.  Unfortunately they did not give us access to the vault.

Downtown Denver and Boulder have these convenient bike stations strategically placed in the downtown area to help promote easy city navigation for both locals and tourists.  What a unique cool idea

Shana showing a little bit of love.

I enjoy studying different types of architecture.  this was a magnificent  example.

What a great day in Denver and that gave way to a great picture.

They really have one of the most elegant capitals I have seen to date.

We enjoyed the "Lodo" section of Denver.  Very hip area.

This statue was outside of the capital building.  Denver as well as other cities I visited really liek there statues

Catholic Church near the capital building.  It was breathtaking inside.

Inside the capital building.

Inside the capital building.

Inside the capital building.

Inside the capital building.

Inside the capital building.

A memorial on Flagstaff for a small child.

Over looking Boulder

The Flatirons in Boulder.

School of Mines in Golden, CO.

See, I told you they like there statues

The fire begins in Fort Collins.  We, fortunately missed it.

Clock tower located off of 16th (Market Street)

The Golite Store in Lodo.  I would find myself frequenting these stores (Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins)

Sams No 3 ended up being the best bargain in Denver for breakfast!

  The capital building.  it was currently under construction
Shana bought some art work (her first) We just received it and to our dismay one of the pieces had been damaged during transit.  Murphy's law!

  The old Union Rail Station currently undergoing renovations
The convention center and a sort of landmark big bear peering in.  Damn peeper!

  The Coors baseball stadium.
  The inside the capital building.  It was a magnificent structure to look at on the outside and equally impressive on the interior.

Freshcraft, one of our favorite watering holes in Denver

I sould not resist - Watch the video.

The West End Tavern in Boulder.  We really likes this place.

 Fire in near Fort Collins.

The Starry Night served up the best Cafe Latte I have ever had in my entire life.  I''m not kidding about that it was fabulous.

Near "Fruition" a great restaurant in the Cherry Creek area of Denver.  Our meals were pricey but really fantastic and outstanding.

 Here is picture from across the street.


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