A Leisure Urban Ride - Downtown Tampa

Once the rain slowly faded away and the sound of the all clear horn could be faintly heard, Shana and I got the bikes on the rack and jumped in the steel stead we call Subaru.  We where headed toward Downtown Tampa for our inaugural urban ride and possibly a bite to eat, depending on how long the ride would last.  We arrived in Downtown around 4:30 and parked near Kahwa coffee shop located on Tampa Street.   The coffee shop serves up some of the best brew in downtown.  Our location made for a pretty good embarcation point.

First stop was Channel Side and the beer cabana.  It's just North of the Convention Center and serves finger food, beer and spirits.  The views are gorgeous and we were fortunate to have a steady slight breeze rolling of the channel.  It was just consistent enough to prevent that clammy layer of sweat that so often visits those who dare to venture outside in the Florida heat before 7:00 pm.  Despite the temperature hovering around 88 degrees we were quite comfortable.  I can see adding this stop as a regular staple in the future, especially when the temperatures become more tolerable.

Next was the "Taco Bus".  About all I have to say is disappointing!  My carnitas burrito was dry as a piece of burnt firewood.  I'll give it one more try but they are definitely  on probation.   

The Beer/spirits hut.  

The steeds.  Our mode of transportation.

Look who is enjoying an ice cold Sam Adams!


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