Quick Trip to Covington, LA

The Holidays are super fast approaching, if not already here.  Actually they are here!  And  that means paying visit to family and friends.  It had been a couple years since we made the journey to LA and we were up for a trip to see Shana's mom and relatives.  So we packed our bags and boarded the tin can!

The LA terminal (I forgot it looked this bad)  was absolute crap.  It was in the condition of a third world airport (if they even would have one it would look like LA's).  Although the colors were nice.

This little fella greeted us upon our arrival, Bambi.  Man I  wanted to take her home with me.

She was quite the shy one but really super friendly and not much of a yapper at all which you almost expect in a small dog,

Here, once again we are partaking in the Christmas tradition of making cookies from scratch.  However, this year, unlike years past we yielded the worst cookies we have ever made.  They chewed with more of the consistency of a stale pretzel found in the back of an SUV after a two week long venture across the United States.  Get my point.

A very nice stroll along lake Pontchartrain and in the process we were treated to quite the spectacular sunset.  A very nice ending.

Santa's, Santa's everywhere.  Shana's mom really likes Santa's and there are more.

Want to talk about an oddity?  As we drove down this very narrow desolate road we came across this object.  Upon closer inspection the anonymous orange orb gave way to our curiosity  and revealed it's mysterious identity.  An emergency  survival capsule.  Most likely it found it's home there by way of either Isaac or Katrina.  I'm going with Isaac as I can't believe it would still be there this long after Katrina.  But hey, this is LA.

And there you have it proof of the unidentified object.

Man, did I tell you how much I'd like to take this critter home with me!


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