Rainy Saturday... 12-29-2912

Maybe it's appropriate that the closing days of 2012 are filled with rain, clouds and a compete over cast haze.  Those thoughts may be dependent on what type of year you believe you have had.  But it's hard to argue my point.  However, I think this may just be the way time flushes out the past in preparation for what is to come, the new year.   

But honestly, who really says that this is the new year?  It does not even really matter as any day of the week, month or year can be the "new year" if you want it to be.  It is more of a mind set, an attitude, a way of perceiving time.

As I'm writing this entry I can slowly start to see the sun trying to make an appearance today, struggling to bring the gift of light to the third planet from the Sun.   

Living in Florida has so many advantages and sunny days is one of the them and certainly no snow is another.  So it's easy to take for granted the sunny Florida days.  We get spoiled and when the cold fronts come in late December and it's still warm it translates into rainy days!  I guess I should be use to it by now, growing up in Florida my whole life means I should be acclimated to the weather pattern, right?  I guess you never get use to not seeing the sun...