Tough Mudder 2012

Tough Mudder 2012 my friends. Below, set your gaze on the chipper clean folks getting ready to depart shortly on their 11 mile obstacle filled journey so called "tough mudder".  Now, right before they let all these eager mudder's go to frolic in the mud and return to carefree childhood days they are all urged to raise their hand and take a mudder oath.  I won't go into the fine details but I'll mention one part of the oath is that a mudder  shall never whine.  Just keep that in mind!

Nate, Mike, Kyle, Shana, Todd Steve and Kevin:

Here is that starting point I was referring about:
 And they are off.  That stupid red smoke you are seeing is for effect but it nearly choked everyone out!
 So long mudder's- the start of the 11 mile journey:
One of the more difficult challenges is the "iceberg" water trough.  Not sure what they call it but it's filled with ice cold water and I mean plenty of ice.  It literally takes the breath away from all that dive in.  By the way - you get fully submerged in this obstacle.
There was definitely whining going on after this obstacle.
 She had some ice in her shoe that needed to be removed:

 Preparing to enter the mudder mile:
 Shana kind of looks like a Zombie here:
Kevin, Steve, Mike Todd and Kyle trying to figure out the best plan of attack without wearing a mud suit:
Damn...Look how clean my women is!  So proud, so proud.  I have to say, men really are pigs because they were all covered in mud.

Ahh, the zombie gets a smell of brains and starts to head over.
Keep the hands down Zombie women!  Notice the teeth.  I would have sworn I heard her chanting brains!
Todd and Shana with the Zombie walk: Notice the hands held in a very limp fashion.  I heard more whining going on here as well.  Please, hush up and get the job done!
 Kevin in his pre-victory stance:
I love this photo - By the way the mud you are seeing was artificially added by Kyle.  He got jealous because she was not mud covered enough!
 Nate and Shana getting ready to hit the half pipe.  I have video of Nate missing the hand grab and floundering down the pike like a fish flopping on the deck of a boat.
 And here he is in the still shot slowly slipping down the pike.
 Shana nailed it on the first try. Made it look easy.

Kyle - what a beast.  The dude is as strong as an ox.  For a big dude he made it up the pike with little effort.  He is an emergency responder and has skill (paramedic/Firefighter)!
 There he is on the summit.

 He can't help himself but to help his fellow mudders:
 Look at the determination in his eye and those leadership skills at action.
 When you got pipes like that...
 Nate praying that he got around the obstacle:
You can really see Kyle's handy work (no pun intended) here.  See the back of her shirt, that's a hand print.
 The after shot!  The photo is missing Mike.  He was elusive after the event and disappeared for a good 15/20 minutes???
 And it says it all:

Look at Nate's form.


  1. BADASS! Now let me know when you sign up for a GORUCK Challenge.


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