Digital Art Exhibition: "Electronics Alive", University Of Tampa

I've been to plenty of museums and art exhibitions but never a digital art exhibition.  This was definitely a new experience and one that I will never forget.  Getting out from my "art comfort zone" was very refreshing.  I traditionally an old school type of art lover so this was truly a different experience for me.  I never really thought of digital short films as an expression of art, why is that, I really do not know but I can say that I have changed my mind!  The most stunning animation was "Paths of Hate".  There are two world war two era fighter pilots engaging in a dog fight to the death that extends far beyond the cockpit for both combatants!

For me it stirred many emotions and it had me engulfed in many emotions.  It was a contagious visual experience and I was unable to move away from the display until the short was completed.   No other animation had this effect and that's not to take away from any of the others I watched.  It is that "Paths Of Hate" was just so visually troubling.  It was a stunning expression of true hate.  Hate that makes no sense.   Hate that transcends the issue.  Hate for the sake of hate, the most troubling of all!

"Rotting Hill" was not an animation but a short story of zombie love.  The graphics were incredible and I actually had to stop for a second and try not to shed a tear it was so wonderfully done.  I love zombie movies and this will forever be immortalized as one of my most favorite.


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