Vegas February 2013

Vegas, my fifth time visiting sin city.  On this occasion the reason is a tag-a-.long vacation.  What is that?  My wife had to attend a seminar for her CSP certification so I decided to make it a vacation.   Vegas does not excite me like it use to, say my first or second trip.  Now, it seems to just be like an old shoe, comfortable but I'm just not impressed!

Feast your eyes on the much coveted exit row seat, yeah that is a huge score!

That is snow you are seeing and that is at our connect airport, Minneapolis, MN.

Our hotel and the location of the convention otherwise this would not have been my first casino hotel location!  However, location, location, location they say is the most important aspect of real estate.  And this hotel is located right in the middle of the strip.

The monorail system is a bit expensive but really convenient.

Perfect Vegas night.  The weather was fantastic.  At night temps where in the 40's and during day low 70's.

On a recommendation from a coworker we decided to go to a Vegas local hangout that has become quite famous.  The Italian, was pretty good but nothing to really get that excited about.  I guess if you are into the all inclusive type meals this place is for you since the meals all include wine, salad, bread and coffee.  But for me, the real hang up?  Why don't I save that for later!

The highlight of the trip was our visit to the Nuclear Testing Museum.  I found it extremely interesting and I learned many new facts about atomic testing and the cold war era.  It was very educational.  Plan on spending at least two to three hours there.

Back to Battista's, the Italian restaurant I was speaking of earlier.  Well they have this old as dirt accordion player that will come by your table and play you an indistinguishable tune that you will be forced to listen to unless you want to be rude and cruel to a man that stands no taller than the shortest 8 year old!  After slipping him a pity tip of two dollars he strolled onto the next unwilling table.

The monorail stations where very clean and well maintained.

I thought they did away with cigarette vending machines.  But lets not forget it's Vegas !

You had to know there were going to be flamingos!

This dessert was the best  I have ever had! Ever!  And by the look of my wife, I think you can figure out that she feels the same way.  

Our last night in Vegas at Spago's a fantastic place to eat dinner or lunch.  Great quality and reasonable prices, for Vegas that is!


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