Chi Town! June 2013

I absolutely love being able to tailgate on Shana's business trips and parlay them into mini vacations and that is just what we did recently when she had to attend the American Gas Association conference.

The famous and somewhat controversial Bean sculpture.  It is pretty fun to stare at the Bean and observe your reflection as well as the reflection of the Chicago Skyline.  The entire Millennium Park and Grant Park system is really a wonderful place. Chicago did it right with this entire area and the adjoining lake shore.

We did some mega walking all around which included; Old Town, Lincoln Park, The Loop, West Loop, Streeterville, New Eastside, and River West.  When the weather is nice tis place is great I'm not so sure I would hold the same opinion in the dead of Winter.

Shana, what can I say, she is money!!!

I see the humor in this.

The Bean again on a beautiful day.

I had to snap a photo of myself in the Bean

This town has some hockey spirit.  Notice what the lion statue is wearing on it's head.

And here is that famous fountain.  Part of the Millennium Park system although I believe this is actually called Grant Park but it all is connected.

The Filed Museum a grand piece of architecture.  Unfortunatel,y time did not allow us to visit but we will catch it on another visit to Chicago in the future.

The Willis Tower (FKA the Sears Tower) in the background.  I like the color contrast.

Soldier Field is such a nice stadium, really no other like it in he country.

Beautiful old Catholic church I stopped by to take some photos.  A blend of Celtic influence could easily be seen.  This Church happened to survive the great Chicago fire.

Notice the Roman and Greek Orthodox influence?

The Wrigley building from the distance.

Okay, we had to take one of those famous river tours.  I did once and would not do it again but if you have never gone on one I would definitely go once.  Marina City to the right and the Willis Tower is directly in from of you.

Self explanatory here.

Great Italian cuisine at La Scarola in Old Town.

Just another great day in Chicago.