Helen Georgia - Really?

So, our original plans were to go to Asheville, NC but that got a bit derailed.  The Hotel prices were absolutely outrageous for the Memorial day weekend and paying $250.00+ per night for Asheville seemed a bit unreasonable for me.  So on a last second audible we changed the play and decided on Helen Ga.  Not quite the scenic satisfaction that Asheville would have provided but the cost was so much more palatable.

I really had no idea that the town of Helen is basically a replica/copy of a Bavarian style town.  It's cheesy but in a fun and entertaining.  Places like this are usually not our style but we enjoy the change of scenery and this met the criteria.

Looking North down Main Street, we had fantastic weather for the entire trip.  For the duration of our stay the temperature never exceeded the low 80's, what a delight.

You can see the underlying theme of the architecture.  All the buildings follow this format in Helen.

The first day we practically had the whole city to ourselves but this would prove to be the calm before the storm as Saturday would prove to be filled with tourists and tubers (more later on tubers).   There are plenty of restaurants around so although there were crowds it was easy to find a restaurant that did not have a long wait time to be seated.

This photo is taken from Main Street (looking East), literally what I would describe as the epicenter of the town.

River tubing on the Chattahoochee River is a big thing here.  It draws hundreds when the weather transitions from winter to summer. These people come out in droves to tube down the river.  The Chattahoochee snakes along the town of Helen and there are plenty of restaurants and bars that border/overlook the river that give you an excellent people watching opportunity.  Actually the photo above was taken from our birds eye view of the river while we were eating lunch at the Hofbrauhause. The restaurant anchors the North end of the strip and is actually the last restaurant on the West side of Main Street.

I also saw plenty of tubers park/dock their tubes or whatever you want to call it, and exit the river to grab a bite to eat.  Seemed pretty fun and leisure.

Chocolate sold here!

Bridge over the Chattahoochee River leading to private residences (condos, apartments and hotel)

Awesome bar at the Old Bavaria Inn.  They had a great selection of German bottled beer to choose from and you could spend a good day or two working your way through them all!  As an appetizer we got a German pretzel (flown in from Germany that day - frozen of course).   I must say one of the best pretzels I think I have ever had!  Granted, I'm no expert on them but it sure tasted good.  I also had their apple strudel, darn good as well.

Cheesy as it may sound we actually played a round of Mini-Golf.  It was fun and I won!!!

What would a vacation be without a day hike?  So we had to get a few miles in.

The beer selection at the Old Bavaria Inn.

Nora Mill where they still make grits the old fashioned way by grinding it with a stone.

We went to Cleveland (Ga) for the day to check the town out, sad to say nothing going on here.  Even harder to believe it was a Saturday.  We arrived there at 4:30 and everything that seemed interesting had shut down.  Helen probably gets all the tourists so the other towns are out luck.  This is a photo of the historic court house.


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