Dallas 8/02/14 - 8/06/14

A trip to the lone star state and the city of Dallas

Our room was huge at the Hyatt House on Harry Hines Blvd.  We really enjoyed the location and for us it was centrally located to all the attractions, restaurants and bars that we wanted to visit.  When we first got there we had no idea it would be so convenient to everything that we wanted to do.

The Federal reserve building in Dallas. I love the thought of being next to so much money.

Looking toward the location on Dealey Plaza where President Kennedy was assassinated by Lee  Harvey Oswald.  He might have fired the fatal shot but definitely was not a lone gunman. From the vantage point that I took this photo I probably stood at the same spot as the second shooter.

A full shot of the grassy knoll .

A different shot/angel from the grassy knoll.

The Kennedy memorial.  A somber place to reflect upon the life of the President.  Not much to see here but appears this was by design.

The Old Museum.  A really cool museum for the price of $5.00.  Well done with all the exhibits and design and layout.  Shana and I really enjoyed all the artifacts and items they had on display.

Large ad banner for the Perot Museum.

Looking at the Book depository and the 6th floor window where on November 22, 1963 Lee Harvey Oswald fired the fatal shot.

The public transportation center (aka Union center).  Very nice architecture and building design.

The interior.  Strange to find it so empty and if you image a bit you can actually think how at one time it was probably a bustling place crowded with people taking public transportation throughout the city.  Now it's just a distant memory of what it used to be.

The Dallas Star, newspaper.

Dallas skyline from the Perot Museum.

A downtown Dallas street nearly empty on a Tuesday.  A strange visual given the size of the downtown area.

Pioneer Plaza a nice memorial paying homage to those that foraged ahead and conquered the wild West.

DMA aka Dallas Museum of Art.

The Nassser Sculpture Center.  An awesome museum.

Interior courtyard of the museum.

One of my favorite sculptures at the museum.

Shameful how the artist had to remove the exhibit at the cost of progress.

This sculpture represents rush hour and the crowds of the people that hoard together to escape for another day.

A Picaso sculpture, not so much for me.

Anvil Pub and a cold one.

By far my favorite sculpture at the museum!