Tampa Museum of Art

We decided to check out the new exhibit being showcased at the museum and venture into the art world of Paris with the temporary showcase of, "Renoir To Chagall: Paris And The Allure Of Color"

The museum is small by larger city standards but very well laid out and has a unique architectural personality. It's clean, well lit with large expanse areas that easily guide you through the art exhibits.
Unfortunately, since the museum had security like I have never seen before we were unable to photograph any of the art exhibits. Now this is pretty standard and common place but usually you can slip in a couple of photos but not today the security staff was just too attentive.

The staircase leading to the exhibits.  One of my favorite center pieces of the museum.

Here is another view of the staircase.

Looking directly up from the main lower level hall

Another shot of the staircase.

It was such a beautiful day I could not resist taking a fw photos from around the museum.

This photo really captures why I love living in Tampa - On late December day (12/27) with temperatures hovering around 80 degrees and complimented with low humidity, blue skies and whispering clouds I give you the perennial perfect day!


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