Bows, arrows and Shotguns

Patrick was kind enough to invite Shana and I for some bows and guns.  It was a pretty fun experience!  I had not shot a bow since I was probably 12/13 years old so this brought back some fond memories.

Shana getting ready to release the arrow.  This one hit the mark.  Kattness no less!

Shana's Dad lining it up.

It was pretty cool to have foam targets. Made the experience more interesting.

Now the real fun!  The shot gun and skeets.

Patrick with a little instruction.


  1. What's with the boat shooting platform?

    1. They have several mock shooting stands so you can mimic the real environment, as much as that can be done! They also have a rabbit station where the skeet is rolled out at high speed. I missed them all.

    2. Mocking the real environment, eh? How come there isn't a cooler of beer in the boat then? ; )

    3. They failed miserably at that one item that would have made the experience real!!!

    4. Honestly though, looked like a fun day. I need to get out shooting again soon.


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