Zoominations at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo

What a wonderful electric evening at the zoo.You are greeted by the Chinese Gate of the Forbidden City in ancient Nanjing

The Center piece of the light display but definitely not the climax.


The illuminations were fantastic and so enjoyable regardless of age.

 There were many tunnel processions on the promenades unfortunately I really did not capture any and this pic does not do it justice.

There were many distinct colors and although the lightening a few were few the ones in place were quite mesmerizing.

A bit over exposed.

 Although the dinosaurs were out of place I really enjoyed the display.  I can't get enough of them!

This by far was the best display section of the Zoominations!

Wonderful peacock display.

More prehistorics.

By the way do not expect to see any animals and you are forewarned of this.  I caught this late night fella checking us out.  The only zoo specimen seen that illuminated evening.

The video captures it better than the pics but still does not do it justice.


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