New Ti Cook Pot By Evernew 1.3L

My brand new Evernew Titanium 1.3L cook pot I just purchased.  The fact that it has built in handles is such a plus.  No more looking for the pot holder that I have to bring along.  The lid has a pretty snug fit and I like  (you can't see it) that the pot has incremental markings for measuring the amount of water/liquid in the pot.

The pot fully packed.  On top is my Ursack food hang bag to keep the little varmints out.  Those little tree rats can be pretty acrobatic and crawl up a bear cable hang with ease.

Deconstructed here.  I bought a wind screen for it.  I am transitioning away form the Trail Designs Caldera Cone.  Not that I did not think the Cladera was a great stove and cook set-up, more so because I just want to try something. .  That cone can be pretty finicky at time and I have had a pot almost fall through the cone and onto the stove.

I really like the Evernew Ti stove and Ti cook-stand.  It is sturdy and durable and the cook times are pretty close to the Caldera, slightly longer but negligible from my unscientific studies.

I be out West later this year and I'll give it a run, hopefully ends up well!


  1. Look at it sitting there, just waiting to get a flame under it!

    1. As I passed my hand over it I swore I felt a bit of phantom heat!!!


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