Back to Olympic National Park In 2016

Olympic National Park | 2016 Backcountry Backpacking Trip |

The dates are set and this time my travel window was restricted to a specific date window so seasonal choice was limited.  I typically will not plan trips in April/May/June as many of the higher elevation trials and passes are limited to navigation with ice axes and crampons as a must and route finding can get a bit sketchy.  Based on that, I ruled out NP’s with higher base elevations (GNP – YNP –RMNP).  But Olympic gave me options so it was back to the Pacific Northwest.

This time around I’d like to do some range traverses (I’ve been monitoring ONP SNOTEL data sites and the pack looks good so far…) but that will be decided by Mother Nature.  Luckily, the diversity of ONP allows for plenty of options and the lower lying rainforest's areas (Quinault and Hoh) offer flexibility with trip planning.

I’ve used these trail books before and the collection in the photo has been a proven asset with trip planning:

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