Baltimore | Maryland | Sights | June 2016

A destination that I never really planned on going to but for the chance to be a trailing spouse on a business trip.  It ended up being an enjoyable trip.  Would I put Baltimore on my list of repeat cities?  At the moment, probably not.  It's a place with many things to do concentrated in the downtown area and makes for a great port to venture to many other locations (Washington DC) but the city itself, although much to do, just didn't captivate me.

We stayed at the Renaissance Marriott on Pratt Street literally right across from the Inner Harbor, a fantastic location (basecamp) as it's centrally located to visit, Mount Vernon, Little Italy, Federal Hill, Fells Point, Canton to mention a few.

The downtown area and surrounding mini-communities are riddled with great places to eat and the variety of cuisine is abundant.

Pic of the Inner Harbor looking North

View of the Inner Harbor looking South from the Hotel Renaissance Marriott.

You can't see it that well but that is the Domino Sugar factory.  Quite a site.

The Hippodrome Theater

"The Baltimore Basilica"

Underneath the structure where the crypt was located, now "Our Lady Seat of Wisdom"..

The chapel.

Another Church located on Mt. Vernon.

The George Washington Memorial on Mount Vernon.

Atop the 227 step climb ($6.50) you will find panoramic views of Baltimore.

The poet, Edgar Allen Poe's final resting place.

Poe's original grave site also located on the grounds of Westminster

Had to take a quick stop at the Babes birthplace and museum.

These two American Indians (from different tribes)  are the real deal.

The  birthplace of the Star Spangled Banner and the woman who created it, Mary Pickesrgill

This depicts the states of the US and each state is made from it's most prominent geologic feature (Florida is slate)

They really still repair TV's nowadays.  It can't be worth it.

Another church in the Canton district.

Cross it off the bucket list.  Always wanted to go where the place that inspired the writing of the Star Spangled banner and of course Francis Key Scott penning same.

You get a sense of pride walking the Fort area knowing that over 200 years ago a fierce battle with the British (at the time the world's superpower) lasted over 25 hours and ended in a British retreat and the hoisting of the stars and stripes.

Looking out from the fort and into the Harbor were the British armada would have been.

And the exact spot onto which the Star Spangled Banner was raised that morning of September 14, 1812.