Nashville: December 6th 2017

My second trip to Nashville with Shana and although it was not as exciting and adventurous (we slayed the city in 12/2015 and nearly saw everything) as our first, we still got to experience some different areas of Nashville we didn't have an opportunity on our first visit( 2015).

This trip exposed me to the #BlueBirdCafe.  One of the best intimate music venues I have ever seen a show at.  Everything is so up close and personal you get a unique opportunity to really connect with the artists.   There are four of them facing each other and taking turns singing songs from their catalog of music.  Many are budding stars, songwriters, session artists or possibly any combination of the above.If you ever find yourself in Nashville I would not miss seeing a show, you will definitely leave pleased.

The Frist Center for Visual Arts was amazing.  Part of that I'm sure is attributable to the #NickCave exhibition, "Feat".  Totally visually amazing.  The craftsmanship in the designed costumes, imagination and inspiration behind the design and choice of fabrics and materiel's was truly visually satisfying for me.  I can confidently say it's my most favorite exhibit of all time.  The bar was not only raised, it was set!

Besides the art and exhibits at the Frist, I also found the interior and exterior of the building to be aesthetically pleasing to my architectural design preference. I gravitate toward symmetry and balance and the design of this structure works well for me.

Here is a pic of the grand staircase walking up to the exhibit area.

And one of many Nick Cave art pieces.  The photo does not do justice in showing the fine detail involved in creating such intricate fabric designs.

More photos:

They had an interactive areas where you could create your own Nick Cave creation.  Here is our best shot at it.  I have to say that I really enjoyed this part of it.  It was a very fun rewarding experience.

A unique tree I came across at Centennial Park

Since I do not anticipate going to Greece anytime soon I figured Shana and I might as well check out the exact replica created of the Parthenon from inside and out.  I guess I can cross this one off my bucket list?

Inside they have a museum and this replica, supposedly an exact replica. The exact measurements are not known but they did the best they could with historical accounts and writings in an attempt to bring this massive structure to it's original splendor and glory from ~ 453BC

And of course, what is a trip without traveling T-Rex?? Here he is doing a little December ice skating.

The Patterson House, a swanky prohibition style bar serving fine crafted cocktails with an emphasis on local created spirits.

T-Rex enjoying a drink.