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"Bart"-A Boy & His Duck - A Tribute to a Friend - That Special Gift During a Difficult Time - R.I.P. My Friend 08/25/2018

On 08/25/2018 Bart was taken from this world.  Hard to understand why?  He lived in a gated community of a 100 homes.  So either someone was just careless or even worse, cynical and intentionally ran him over, I'll never know the answer and it will be difficult to fill the void.  I found him Saturday around 4:00 pm  lifeless in the middle of the road were an indention in the asphalt creates small watering pool where I would find him typically hydrating himself.

It's been a rough year this 2018, many despairing and not so lucky occurrences so when I met Bart in early June it came as a gift, a bright spot in a very overcast time in my life, it was just what I needed.  Bart was your standard Muscovy duck.  Not much for beauty but that's only a surface thing.  He had an incredible personalty and he loved my company and I his.  He would come by everyday, in a religious manner and I'd feed him, spend a few moments and we both would continue on with our daily lives awaiting …

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