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Milwaukee?? Why Milwaukee?!!

When asked, "where did you go on your trip" and I say, "Milwaukee" the usual response was, "Milwaukee, why on Earth did you go there?!?  What ensued was my over planned explanation as to the "why" and then an elaborate justification to exonerate the misconception that Milwaukee can't or is not a destination city.

After hurricane Irma forced us to cancel our backpacking trip to Washington (Olympic National Park) we were really looking for a short 4/5 day trip to get away and at least feel we made an attempt at some level of rest and relaxation.  So the hunt commenced. I recalled reading some online and print media and Milwaukee was one of those hidden destination cities that most people just do not contemplate when planning a vacation.  I did some online research on the "interwebs" and confirmed that, Milwaukee was in fact considered one of those, not so thought of cities to visit.  With hotels being reasonably priced in the city center…

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