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Colorado | Wyoming : Denver; Golden; Colorado Springs; Boulder; Ft. Collins & Cheyne

Just answer the damn question!  Are we there yet!!! No that's crazy!!!!! Ahhh, finally a bit of a break from the conundrums of having to support daily life (to work or not to work?!?!!?).  The opportunity to escape - just for a few days from the grip of reality.

A nice wall with naturel graphics left unplastered really added character - nice accent to this wall.

It's a bit hard to see but the school is "Sacred Heart Academy" the only real reason I preserved the photo is I went to Sacred Heart Academy on Florida Ave. in Tapa - Unfortunately, they did not service and closed circa 2015(?)

Colorado Springs, nice federal building.

And literally, directly across the street a significant change in architectural style.

I really like pigs so given the opportunity - well I could not resist.

Traditional Episcopal style church architecture.

Nice shot of Pikes peak in the distant...

At first, we did not plan on making the side trip to see "Garden of the Gods" but havin…

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