Voodoo Bizango Single Speed Conversion Circa 1995

Ahhh, a bike I have always dreamed of owning.

I got my hands on her about seven years ago with every intention on just changing out a few components and then riding her in the midst of jealous on lookers. My original thought/intention, was to build it back to original specs, basically keeping it stock.  I really only intended on changing the headset, stem and handle bars out but now my mind has shifted to converting it to a single speed.  It's hard prospect but I already have a Kona Explosif sitting in the barn and having two trail bikes at this moment does not make sense.

What is a boy to do? Ride!

It's circa 1995 17 inch original Joe Murray with Tange Ultimate Superlight tubing.  You can't find these in good shape like this one.

In it's time, Tange Superlight was the tubing to have.  Some say and will argue it's better that Reynolds 853!  I'll stay out of the argument but will add that it gives a great ride and the geometry of this bike will shred any single track you can throw at it.  It's such a pleasure to ride.  By far the best single track bike I have ever, ever ridden!

The frame build  is pretty nice for a mass produced frame.

I'll need to buy new brake levers and a seat post.  I have been debating if I'll keep the front derailleur to give myself a couple speeds or go with traditional single speed.

All Deore XT components.  A nice compliment to a very good frame.  Okay, they are not hand welded but that costs a mint.  In this set-up you get a super quality bike for a pretty reasonable price.

I plan on holding on to all the parts and probably one day set it back up in it's original stock set-up but for now I'm going the single speed route.  It kind of kills me but I know one day she will return to her former glory.  You do not see 8 speeds around anymore but the mechanics on the Deore line will last forever.  Yes, it's heavier but it will last much longer!

Now, the conversion parts.  Found this gem of a tensioner made by Paul.  The craftsmanship and quality is superb but I also paid for it as it was not cheap by any means but I really wanted a good quality component.

I went with the spacer set by Origin-8 it will allow me the versatility to dial in the chainline.

Rear sprocket is by Surly 16T.

Since the Sugino crank is an odd BCD 74 (bolt crank dimension)  I have been having trouble finding anything that will fit the spider over 32T.  That's what I went with for now but I'm telling you I think I would like a 36/40.  My concern with the 32T is that I'll end up spinning out.


  1. Good ol' Surly 16t. This is looking good, Ric!

  2. Hi! Long shot here, but I've the exact same frame that I'm hoping to convert to singlespeed! Can you post/send some details about how you got on with the Bizango?! Thanks a lot!


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