Pack modification | Addition | Granite Gear Leopard AC 58

Since I hike pretty hot and end up sweating like a hog in the sweltering heat of a Louisiana bayou, I constantly find myself stripping gear off and on.  It really becomes a drag constantly having to secure my wind/rain gear, long sleeve base layer and beanie hat somewhere on the back of my pack whee it will be an easy grab for the next time I'll need to put it back on.  This ritual ends up happening multiple time during the hike and frequent enough that it has become a nuisance to me.

My current pack (Granite Gear Leopard AC 58)  is near perfect in many respects but lacked easily accessible exterior storage compartments or stretchy pockets.  So I went an Internet search to find something that I could modify to fit my pack.

I came across Hyperlite Mountain Gear's website and their "Summit Stuff Pocket" while surfing the net trying to get some ideas on a pack modification for quick access items I would be storing (rain/wind jacket, gloves, beanie, long sleeve base layer).  At 7 inches wide and 14 inches tall it seemed ideal for the gear items I would possibly be storing. 

Here it is attached to my Granite Gear Leopard AC 58, I found it to be the perfect size, weight and it literally fit perfectly with no actual pack modifications.  The only item I figured I would need are these type of clips called "slick clips".  At the time I did not realize it would take me an exhaustive search to find these stubborn clips.

Here is a more detailed photo of the "slick clips".  They ended up being the ideal joining piece I was looking for.

Here is a closer shot of the pack with the Stuff Pocket attached to the pack.

The pack had plenty of these webbing loops that made it simple to attach the stuff pocket with the slick clips (found them for .75 each)


  1. Hi Ric, thanks for the follow on Googleplus. I've been looking for something similar in the UK but didn't know about those type of clips. I'll be checking online for those later, cheers! Mark


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