Memorial Day Weekend - The Get Around

This year Shana  and I found ourselves traversing the  corners of the county.  From Tarpon Springs and the sponge docks to the original Hooters in Clearwater and the last stop on out Sunday adventure, Oyster Catchers for a very optic fulfilling sunset and dinner.

In Tarpon we decided to check out the downtown area and meander around and stop in some of the local shops.  I made a pretty good fashion purchase at the Mad Hatter (at least in my mind it was) and spent about $40.00 for a vintage coat and tie!  Check this ensemble out::

Then it was off to remissness about our first date together at the Neptune Lounge right off the Pinellas trail.  Funny she picked the place and I just went along for the ride.  The bar was filled with a bunch of interesting characters.  It's amazing the place is still open.:

Right near the Pinellas trail is also a very old and remodeled railroad station.  Of course that makes sense since the the bike trail is old railroad rails converted into a bike path.:

After going down memory lane we headed to the sponge docks and the touristy area of Tarpon Springs.  We had a snack at Hellas.  The food was okay.  Would I go back, yeah I guess but it does not deserve my time and effort to devote much time to compliment it.

It was then back to the car to shoot south on US19 toward Clearwater and Hooters.  The original plan was to go to Frenchy's (what a completely cheesy place) which did not have any affections on my part but the group wanted to go so fine.  Then  the proverbial break in the weather and the plans were changed to Hooters and since there is no love lost between me and Frenchy's I obliged with absolutely no resistance.

Once we finished up at Hooters (which did not take very long) we got on the causeway and to Oyster Catchers' it is!  And wow, what a nice view.  Despite it being rather warm outside, we opted for the outside patio seating area.  The views of the bay are spectacular.

Shana really enjoyed the view:

It was a treat to see the globe of fire fall to the horizon and behind the buildings

And as a parting treat we got to see a little bunny hopping around!


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