The Approach of a Four Day Weekend!!!

The 4th of July is right around the corner and I decided to take the 5th off, really good choice since I get no bonus points at work for not taking vacation so what a great way to parlay this Thursday holiday into a nice four day weekend!

This weekend will also mark my Dad's 86th birthday.  I really must say that I can recall being in my early 20's and just hoping my Dad would still be with me.  Now, I'm 44 and he is still around.  although not as healthy as he would like to be but still pretty good for 86.  I'm blessed!

Rain has just been ridiculous lately here with the last week or so being marked by multiple rain showers throughout the day and overcast skies, when will this stop.  The weather forecast says soon but it's never soon enough for me who is a sun lover.

So for the 4th eve, we went to Cruz-A-Cade to see Patsy off to the Philippines where she has accepted a two year commitment to work.  It was a small crowd I thought, considering all the people she has friended among the ranks of the Dragon Boat community.  Nevertheless Shana and I paid our respects and went to Malios to crab a bite to eat.  I've been considering the 20oz bone in rib-eye for quite sometime so I finally took the plunge.  I was good but not great.  I've had many a rib-eye here in Tampa  (Malios, Capital Grill, Charlies, Flemings and Outback) .  Bar none, the Capital Grill has the best!  After dinner we decided to make it an early night and head home.

Then the weekend finally arrived and it was quite nice!  We watched the Tour De France and had a few beers oover the weekend, definitely a relaxing way to spend a Subday!


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