Downtown Trot

We decided to do something different and take a walk downtown and take advantage of the less humid nights while we can because soon that will leave us and in it's replacement we will be left with the soup bowl of humidity.  Our initial plans was to take a leisure walk and then grab a decafe cup of coffee.  Unfortunately, Downtown Tampa not quite there yet.  All the coffee places shut their doors at around 6:00pm, not the sign of a bustling city.  But to defend the closing, who is going to get a coffee with temps in the high 80's?  

The sights that evening were quite spectacular.  This huge anvil thunderhead could be seen looking North.

The iconic beer can with a backdrop of blue sky with a hint of cloud.

As the sun began to set more clouds appeared but it was still a pretty clear evening.  The above photo was captured around 8:30.  There was still plenty of light.

Truly one of my favorites!  Just to the left of the Sykes building (cylindrical building) you can see the moon high in the dusk sky.


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