Review: PicharpacK: The Eternal Search for the Perfect backpacking Storage System

I do not consider my self an unorganized person but by no means am I one of those wonder organizers.  You know them, that person who can come up with all these unique ways of storing, sorting and re-purposing items/containers to store things.  They just have a knack for utilizing the best possible use of space.  It's just not a strength of mine.

Problem is in the backpacking world I find organization to being key!  Fortunately, one of my strengths is understanding my weaknesses. On that note, I have relied on stuff sacks in a medley of different colors keyed to keeping myself organized.  One draw back of having an ultralight backpack is the lack of storage compartments.  I own a Jam 50 L cylinder roll top type pack with one panel pocket that is zippered.  Problem is it's not gusseted, so only a few items can be stored and it's horrible to search for anything.

So I have leaned on the stuff sack system although it's diametrically opposed to being "ultralight".   Because it all adds up!  Now, if you were Mike Clelland  (Mike's Ultralight site) he would say just throw it your pack, maybe in zippie bag.  I tried and it's not for me, I just need more organization.  But on a side note, I highly recommend his book because there are tons and tons of tips you can take away and add to your personal repertoire .  Plus, he is the real deal!  A few years back he led an ultralight backpacking course and it was great.   Just form a short three days there were many take-a-ways I learned form him.

I found this little gem online check it out and thought, man this is perfect for my contact lens backpacking kit!  I love the fluorescent green because even if it's placed deep in my pack, I can easily spot it should I need to get a hold of it.  It's called the cylinder xxs.  I also appreciate the Dyneema tie out attached to the zipper pull as well.

The inside webbed/mesh pocket is also a nice touch.  It's a great place for those small items that need a bit extra security  (really small).  In this instance it's perfect for my contact lens case .  The item looks and feels real sturdy.  The connection piece for the lid looks durable and is sewn well.

The pocket area is nice as well and I love the fact that this sack is dimensional.  It's difficult when you have a deep stuff sack and you are trying to peer down into the sack to look for something while trying to avoid dumping the entire contents to do a full accounting.  With a zipper top lid you get to see everything.  An easy reach, remove and zip!  Your done!

To give you perspective that is a 10 Cm ruler it's sitting on top of.  The

Now, I actually contacted Jason from Picharpak and requested him to make me a custom size (larger) and he was super accommodating and really easy to communicate with.  I commissioned Jason to make me a larger size so I actually have another one of these bad boys coming.  I'll report back on that when I get a chance to check it out.


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