Spokane - WA | 2016 October | An Urban Adventure

A nice first sight greeting after deplaning - The Spokane airport, although small is just the right size to easily navigate from terminal to terminal - a definite advantage over large metro area airports.  Moving through TSA was a breeze and once you clear the screening agents, it's not far to travel to arrive at your terminal and gate.

I don't typically do the average tourist thing but since it's such a landmark in Spokane, I decided to head to the "Steam Plant".  Putting aside my prejudices, it's actually a nice experience, especially if you have kids a very good way to entertain them before, during and after dinner.  They also have a fantastic pub/bar area on the lower level that serves up some pretty good craft beer.  I think it's worth the stop.

They have a gorgeous water front, compliments of the Spokane river that weaves through downtown. The river happens to be the centerpiece of downtown and is their natural landmark with all the credit of design going to Mother Nature.

It's not a "huge" waterfall by any stretch of the imagination but it certainly is a site to see.  Very relaxing, just watching as the you hear the roar of nature and tumble and cascade down the rocks.

A pic of Centennial Trail looking back toward downtown Spokane - We were headed to Gonzaga to walk the campus and check out Bing Crosby's childhood home.  I can only image how much splendor there is around the area in the full height of the Autumn color change.

Although we missed the climax of the fall color change there was still plenty of leaves remaining on the trees that still provided  brilliant visual splendor despite an overcast morning.

On the fringe of the Gonzaga campus.

Beautiful landscape just over the Spokane River looking from the Maple Street bridge.

Another visual landmark of Spokane is this clock tower artifact of the 1974  World's Fair.  I actually had no idea Spokane hosted a World's fair.  You do not hear too much about World Fair's in the US anymore. Apparently the US is no longer a member country.

The pic is a bit touched but it's still just as dramatic to see in person.  I could walk the park for hours finding  different vantage points of the river and falls.  It was mesmerizing.

A picture within a picture - I'm talking a photo of a mother showing her son the campus of Gonzaga.

The skies really opened up to a bluebird day.

A slight break in the weather system that hit the pacific coast and made its way over the Cascades to reach Spokane. This is on the campus of Gonzaga.

Gonzaga Campus...

An older dorm room building.

St. Aloysius Catholic Church that is literally on the Gonzaga campus.

A pic of the County Superior Court House.

Looking back from the superior courthouse - viewing the spokane skyline

The lobby area of the historic Davenport Hotel.  What we thought was going to be a mere 20 minute stop and quick history lesson - ended up being well over an hour.  They have pamphlets at the concierge desk for self guided tours - perfect for us.  There is no lack of history at this hotel and there are plenty of historic photos lining the first and second floor walls to assist in telling the story and taking you back to the heyday and much simpler times.

A grand room for the socialites of the day.

This (Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture) museum is oddly placed in a residential neighborhood. The story is a wealthy family donated the land in memory of their son who died during WW II.  The museum campus is gorgeous and the homes around the adjoining neighborhood are early 1900's construction.

Thought it would be nice to get a pic of Shana in the autumn leaves.

Had to include a shot of one of my favorite farm animals (goats)

All I could think about is how much I'd like to bring this goat home.

Observe the concentration this goat is exhibiting - It's a marvel!

This one was super friendly as well - I think thouhgh that I much prefer the look of the hornless goats.

Looking a bit sheepish...

This pony was one slow walker.

Overall, a fabulous trip to a very beautiful part of the country.  We had been to Spokane before but only for a very short stay and were unable to explore any of the city other than having dinner at the steamplant.  I could  live in this city but obviously when it's not snowing!  Travel tends to have you experience a location when it's on it's best, weather behavior.  And like anything, something new is something exciting!


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