Colorado | Wyoming : Denver; Golden; Colorado Springs; Boulder; Ft. Collins & Cheyne

Just answer the damn question!  Are we there yet!!! No that's crazy!!!!! Ahhh, finally a bit of a break from the conundrums of having to support daily life (to work or not to work?!?!!?).  The opportunity to escape - just for a few days from the grip of reality.

A nice wall with naturel graphics left unplastered really added character - nice accent to this wall.

It's a bit hard to see but the school is "Sacred Heart Academy" the only real reason I preserved the photo is I went to Sacred Heart Academy on Florida Ave. in Tapa - Unfortunately, they did not service and closed circa 2015(?)

Colorado Springs, nice federal building.

And literally, directly across the street a significant change in architectural style.

I really like pigs so given the opportunity - well I could not resist.

Traditional Episcopal style church architecture.

Nice shot of Pikes peak in the distant...

At first, we did not plan on making the side trip to see "Garden of the Gods" but having decided to go it really was a treat and we were rewarded with a bluebird day and nearly cloudless skies when the morning started.

Another shot of Pikes Peak

Lookout Mountain just outside Golden Co.

And of course we had to make a stop at Buffalo Bill's grave and museum.

Colorado has a fantastic capital and surrounding grounds.

Nice pic of this church.

Historic Trivoli Brewing

No dispute here for me, one of the best hand made spirits/cocktails  - Union Lodge No. 1  in downtown Denver. It's worth the stop not only can you experience the historic ambience but also get some of the best hand made cocktails!

This tree in front of the federal building caught my eye for the symmetrical appeal.

I have always found this to be this structure in boulder to be appealing.

This place by far has the best craft beer I have ever had.  With 30 beers on tap they have something for everyone.  I'd say there niche is barrel aged.  Their selection on tap was incredible.

Check out some of their beers.

Even T-Rex traveling got in on the celebration of craft beer.

We were going to go to Celestial Seasonings but they were closed for an employee celebration day.

O' Boy, we may have a problem here!

We stopped off in this newly built welcome center on our way to downtown Cheyenne.  This place was incredible. it actually reminded me of a pay attraction it had so much yet all free.

Reach for it... (Cheyenne,WY)

Once again.

My first ever heavy metal themed craft beer taproom. What a fun interesting place, even moreso was the server/bartender - straight out of the 90's glam rock bands!

Wrestling a wild bronco into submission.

That's why teens smoke!

Wow - all to ourselves #TPA