Dragon Boat Practice Cruise-A-Cade; Tampa

Here is our practice location (Tampa, Florida) on the Hillsborough river close to Downtown Tampa.  So the views are great. For those not familiar with Dragon Boat paddling we have twenty people on a boat, a drummer and steers person.  Ten rows with two people per row and 42 feet of boat.  Now if you live up north right about now I can say forget it.  Way to cold.  But in Florida, no problem.  It was about 82 at around 5:45:

Here is the club house. Yes I know what you are thinking, not much of a "club" house:

It's not a great pic but I'll get some decent ones to upload but aleast it gives you an idea of the size of the boats:

Nate, always wanting to be the center of attention:

And here is where we put them in the water. We just built that dock and it works great!

Here are the essentials: Carbon fiber paddle; PFD (personal flotation device) and butt pad.  The butt pad is a must.


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