Lutz Lake Fern Trail Head (Sunday Ride)

We had a pretty nice day today.  Matter of fact I'm calling it spot on fantastic.  If you are from Florida, you know that this time of year will be some of the best weather all year because pretty soon the rain comes and then, yes, the unbearable heat and humidity.  What is the saying, "it's not the heat it's the humidity".  Well there will be no shortage of humidity soon!

We had a pretty good group today.  Out ride spanned three counties (Hillsborough, Pasco and Hernando).  the ride temperature to start was about 47 or 50 but it warmed up pretty fast.  We rode with averages around  22.5 to 24.5.

Glen joined us today.  It was nice to see him.  He has not ridden with us for some time.  As usual, Todd was late and had to huff it 22 miles to County Line rode where he finally caught up to us.  The guy is a beast on bike!

Well, if you ride, come out and enjoy the great weather!


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