Flatwoods Sunday Ride rotation 4-03-2011

Meet Paul M. He rides a Colnago outfitted with Super Record 11!!! Nice ride.  He is a new addition to the Sunday crew and wow, he rides strong!  He has great endurance good speed.  He has been giving the Pain train a run for their money and lately it's been pissing them off and it showed today.   He may have to head back to Ohio which would be a loss to the ride group.  Hopefully he stays put here in Florida!  Time will tell.

After they(Pain Train)  lost the first sprint  they decided to pick up lap three at about 25mph - 27mph to try and thwart any other sprints.  For me it worked but Shana was able to put it to them on the back side of the loop.The Pain Train is really starting to loose there dominance over the group rides.  Here is case in point.  On the last lap I decided to make a break for it and the group was just way too late in trying to lend chase so I ended up with the Stage win! 
The crew this week was a little sparse with me Nate, Sandy Jim ant Paul.  Clay Gully had about six inches of water but that ended up being a blessing at least in my opinion.  You see, it slowed the group down enough and made a little bit of a rest zone.  It was a nice change.  Temperatures are starting to pick up.  It was warm, not hot yet but it really is only a matter of time before the heat really starts kicking!


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