Finally Stopped Raining to get a First Pitch and Seam Seal Done!

Today's weather forecast called for only a 20% chance of rain which has been about 4 months since that has happened. I have learned when opportunity knocks to take advantage of the situation.  So with Mcnetts Sil Net in hand it was off to seam seal our new Tensegrity 2 Elite from Sierra Designs.

After reading some reviews that mentioned a bit of difficulty getting a good pitch I was pleased to find it was relatively easy to get a nice taut pitch on the first try.  This tent offered some features that I have been really looking for in a single wall tent (2lb weight limit, large vestibule gear storage area, mesh ventilation, dual egress/ingress, better night sky visibility, better rain area protection on the "transition" area) and lo and behold Sierra Designs comes up with the 2lb 2.oz Tensegrity Elite two person tent and I'm sold.

It almost seems too good to be true and just in time to try this new tent out. The only drawback I see at the moment is the price.  At $489.00 this tent is expensive and I expect it to live up to it's very ambitious price tag.

The interior of this tent is cavernous and I'm looking forward to the headroom it will provide as well as the many ventilation opportunities the Tensegrity provides.  With three sides that have a mesh panel I'm hoping this will cut down on condensation.  I'm not expecting to eliminate the pesky un-welcomed invisible pest but hopefully to mitigate those visiting nights.

Ultralight is a concept that is always on my mind but not in to the point I will sacrifice enjoyment and function over the belief that a pack and or item should weigh a certain amount.  What's the use of backpacking if you are not enjoying the trip?  So in areas that I loose weight and/or spend more money to shave a few ounces I'll end up transferring that savings onto say my sleep pillow system which for me is a huge area of comfort in the back country while sleeping.

Not bad on the pitch and it only took about 45 minutes to seam seal the areas that needed sealing.


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