Nashville | December 2015

And the flight out...

I always enjoy looking seeing the Sun make its' presence known.

So studious even when on vacation.  What a dedicated employee.

I am not a country fan at all and of all the music genres it is my least favorite.  But this place rocks with the variety they bring.  No country on this evening (I jumped for joy) and I got to here some great musicians.

Downtown Nashville is an interesting place.  If live music is your thing then this is definitely a vacation stop that should be on your bucket list.  You will find plenty of bars/pubs that offer live music basically all hours of the day and night.  Not sure what other city you can visit and find such variety in a concentrated area such as Nashville.

I thought all of these burned up already but I guess there is a survivor.  Hope the owner knows they are driving around in a gas can.

The Flying Saucer bar, hands down my favorite in Nashville. Very unique and a great selection of beers on tap and in bottles.  On my account the best place in Nashville for variety of brews on tap not to mention a really cool eclectic atmosphere.

Stir it up.

Government building.

I enjoy seeking out the architectural landmarks of cities I visit and Nashville was no exception - they have a fair share of interesting buildings.

Nashville's downtown library wa gorgeous, hands down one of the best interior designed buildings in the city.

Looking from the library to the state capital.

One of the large reading halls in the library.

Traditional style court building.

I could not help but to take a selfie.

Opulent capital building at tone time it housed all branches of Government.

The place was just enchanting.

Ornate ceiling and light fixtures.

Legislative chambers.

And what would be going to Nashville without visiting the Grande Ole Opry?

The overall perspective from the second level.

And there you have it.  Just had to end on the stage.