The Bike Shop

I do pretty much all the maintenance on both our bikes (Orbea & Melrin).  It really saves on the wallet and gives me the satisfaction that the job will be performed correctly.  Too many times in the past I had taken my bike in to the LBS for general maintenance only to find the job was not done correctly.  That's even as a simple derailleur adjustment (I would learn that it is not as simple as it sounds).  So I decided enough!  I'm going to figure out how to work on my bike and free myself from the trappings of some non-caring punk they pulled of the street and call him a "bike" mechanic.  Here is the thing.  Most of these guys just learned the trade by tinkering with bikes themselves.  That means I need to tinker.

So I slowly started to purchase the tools i needed to perform the most general repairs and maintenance.  Now a few years later I have amassed  a pretty good collection of tools to do most repairs.  Not bad

So I have found that the learning experience is fun and in the end I get the job done to my specs!