A Walk Downtown - Curtis Hixon Park and University of Tampa

We decided to talk a stroll along Curtis Hixon Park and onto the University of Tampa grounds.  The Skies were crystal clear blue without a cloud in sight and the temperatures were perfect, about 72 degrees with a slight breeze.  Wonderful!  It really is amazing all the small nuances you can detect from the "mundane" sights you see every day, when you actually pay attention and "observe".  We are normally in such a rush that we never really take the time to appreciate what actually surrounds us.  That word, "observe" what does it really mean.  I suppose it has a different meaning to each of us.  For me?  I wonder?

Sometimes the subtle tilt of ones head,  a body shift slightly right or left and the view itself looks so different and inviting.  Strange how that works.  You only realize this when you take the time to notice a view and it's timeless gift.  They are never exactly the same, at least for me they are not.  There is always something different, mysterious about coming back to he same spot and trying to replicate that previous emotion.   I get a different feeling each time.

Shot taken over looking the Hillsborough River from the terrace of the Tamp Museum.  The simplistic nature of this building captivates me.  I do not really care for the design.  I constantly refer to it by it's derogatory name "the beer can" yet it's the building I most photograph.  I can't explain it.  It's just odd.

 Sculpture on the grounds of the University of Tampa

I love the way the sculpture frames the iconic "beer can" as it is affectionately known to native Tampans.

It was only towards the end of our leisurely walk did cloud formations start to form.

From the grounds of the University of Tampa.